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to the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation.

The Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation is a grant giving foundation. We specifically raise money to grant to organisations supporting Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Sarcoma. We also provide grants for individuals with Cancer who need support with better quality wigs, wig styling, hair care and beauty treatment, to ensure Cancer patients have the confidence to enjoy their lives. 

We are also here to put people in touch with those who can help Cancer patients get the support they need to feel confident to get out and have fun! 

Why? Because we know how much support these illnesses require and we want to keep giving the best opportunities for those living life with Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. We saw the confidence Kirsty had gained from keeping her hair during Chemo and having it looked after.

Kent and Kirsty Streek
Kent and Kirsty Streek
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