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Find out more about the people that are dedicated to the Foundation and its operation.

They are working to bring you a great range of fundraising events to support Kirsty's charities, as well as offering merchandise and exciting trips to help raise money.

Our Trustees are...

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Mr Kent Streek


Hi I'm Kent, Chairman of the trustees for the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation.

Kirsty was my wife and my best friend. I, alongside Sharon (Kirsty's mum) chose to set up the charity to remember Kirsty and to do something to give back, as Kirsty had done for many years.

My dream for the charity is that we can help make peoples lives better with cancer and MS. We specifically want to help towards stopping the pain and loss Sarcoma brings to lives across the UK.

Everyone who met Kirsty loved her and it is painful to think that there are others like Kirsty who will have to go through that battle.


Mrs Sharon Williams


Hi, my name is Sharon and I am Kirsty's mum and the appointed Treasurer for the Foundation.

As Kirsty's mum I had the pleasure of holding her just after she was born, watching her grow from a cute little baby to a beautiful woman watching her follow her dream occupation that she wanted to do from a young age and excel in it. So many memories and but a few to share with you...

So worried about the many jobs she had when saving for her round the world trip. On this trip I had the privilege of meeting her in Australia and New Zealand. We zorbed down a hill, did a 16,000 foot parachute jump, climbed the Sydney Bridge and sunbathed on Bondi Beach.

One of my proudest moments was initially being asked to give my daughter away and then walking Kirsty down the aisle and seeing her so so happy as she married the love of her life.

For me the Foundation is to have a legal entity in Kirsty's name and to help and support others facing cancer and MS.



Mr Derek Streek


Hi, I am Derek Streek, one of the Trustees of the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation and Kirsty's father-in-law.

I first met Kirsty, prior to her going out with Kent (at least that is what they told me!) running onto a muddy rugby pitch to attend to an injured Puma player, carrying her heavy physio bag trying desperately not to ruin her white trainers. "Who wears WHITE trainers onto a rugby pitch?" I'm sure I heard Kent say.

At that time I thought blimey, she's brave dealing with 20 odd hypochondriac, hairy rugby players. But little did I know just how brave she was, as she faced up to that horrible disease with zest to live life to the fullest, as vigorously as she did before her diagnosis.

It was a pleasure to get to know Kirsty and embrace her into the Streek family, with so many fond memories of time and laughter spent together.

I last saw Kirsty a week before she passed, having to hold the paper, so that she could use her one good hand to sign a power of attorney form - brave to the end!

I hope that my experience of being a trustee of other boards, will help the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation to help as many people as possible facing the same challenges as Kirsty and keep her memory going to infinity... and beyond!


Charlie Ford_edited_edited.jpg

Mr Charles (Charlie) Ford


Hi, I'm Charlie.

To honour my friend and 'be more kirsty' I've become a trustee and supporter to the Foundation.
Kirsty and I first met in college. Unknown to Kirsty she would become my part time carer, mentor and life coach. Not to mention full time physio and friend.
Our friendship continued into young adulthood where Kirsty was a constant source of support in my life; patching me up after rugby, helping me with life's challenges, and let's not forget the endless task of feeding me.
Her warm smile and constant sense of humour made everything 'alright'. Kirsty is the truest definition of a friend.
The responsibility as a trustee for the Kirsty Louise Streek Foundation will allow me to remain connected to Kirsty, through her friends and family but most importantly by helping others, Kirsty's greatest gift.
Go well


Miss Abigail (Abi) Roden


Hey, I'm Abi.

I met Kirsty at secondary school and we have been best friends ever since.

We grew through our childhood to adulthood, sharing lifelong memories. Kirsty always was and always will be my biggest inspiration. 


Mrs Laura Harris


Hey, I’m Laura but Kirsty would refer to me as “Needle” or in some cases “Needledik”, I am one of Kirsty’s many best friends with a friendship going as far back as 2012 when we met in year 7. I would say our friendship really grew in year 10 when we formed the “Babes" friendship group and since then we had made the best memories, youth clubs, drinking down the Rec, Magaluf, nights in town with a KFC or subway snack on the way down to the OC to name a few. However one of my favourite memories was joining her on her travels around the world in California, backpacking San Francisco, LA and San Diego, we had the most amazing two weeks seeing the sights and driving an automatic Nissan Micra while also changing gear down the pacific coastal highway listening to Avicii “wake me up”! 

We went on to share many of life’s (love of our lives) milestones, watching each other marry the life’s of our life’s, Hen dos, weekends away and watching her hold my daughter Raeya for the very first time!

She was my life’s biggest cheerleader and I’ll always cherish the memories we made, not everyone can say they have made memories to last a lifetime but I guess you can say I’m one of the lucky ones! 🌻



Mrs Rebekah (Becky) Baldwin


Hello, I'm Becky and I met Kirsty at Brunel University, when we shared a flat together in the Halls.

I had to go to London to meet a fellow girl from Southampton, although you would never have guessed as we sounded nothing alike! We had many nights out, where a jungle Skank always featured. I will always remember her laughter, her kindness and her ability to light up a room.

I am incredibly passionate about making a difference with this charity and will do everything to ensure Kirsty's legacy lives on.

Always #bemorekirsty.

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